somthing i came across

its called deskspace

im using it at work right now its nice having multiply desktops to work with.


some alternative apps not as fancy though.


Microsoft’s Deskman powertool

5 thoughts on “somthing i came across

  1. Looks a little flashy and resource heavy to me, personally.

    I do like the utility of multiple desktops though. Have you heard if there’s a more minimalist version of something like this?

  2. yeah there are a few but deskspace doesnt use much more than normal windows applications only about 57 K that isnt much unless you are an Elitist and think that 57K is just to friggin much im also running about 60 processes(not all system processes i do have alot of apps open becasue of work) also i have the hardware in the machine to run all this

    here are some links to some alternatives that give you the virtual desktops like in linux/unix


    microsoft’s power tools Deskman as well

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