the next chapter of life …

so less than 24 hours away from starting a new job and the next chapter in my life. I’m still trying to find a house, but thanks to the kindness of two really great friends I’m aloud to stay with them until I get a place. I am so close to getting a house I’m waiting for my bank at home to close a deal that will get a loan out of my name so that i can qualify for the first time buyers stuff. Word of advice: House buying sucks….

also along with this new change I’m changing my lifestyle a bit too. I’m going to be trying to lose some weight two major changes right now is no more pop. its been almost a week without on sip of pop and finally the caffeine withdrawal headaches are starting to go away also I’m cutting my sugar intake as well. However I’m not going to be making the big changes until after Matt’s wedding in June since I’ve already taken my tux measurements.

after the wedding is over I’m starting this:

and I have meal plan to try and follow: a meal plan feel free to take a look at it. I also plan on starting an exercising routine even if it just walking a couple of miles a day.

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  1. Awesome, man! I’m excited for you. Lots of change. I’m sure there will be some tough spots, but getting through them is always worth it. Just don’t forget about me when you’re big time.

  2. One minor spelling thing…it’s allowed, not aloud. I do a lot of proofreading for my parents, so it’s kind of second nature to me.

    Good luck with the diet changes. I rarely drink pop. Although a few weeks ago, I found myself drinking some a few days straight…it’s all about control though.

    Walking a few miles a day is great. I run but I hurt a tendon in my foot in September so I started cycling on a stationary bike. I can do about 7 miles on it. I like it.

    I’m taking a nutrition class and I had to keep track of what I ate for 3 days. Have you seen the new food pyramid at I like how it’s personalized to the individual who enters in their data.

    Do you have to buy the house now? The economy isn’t all that great right now.

  3. yeah i don’t worry about spelling haha … if the spell check doesn’t catch it i don’t catch it….. unfortunately buying a house is the cheapest right now …also i have two dogs and renting a place the the area I’m moving to is impossible if you have pets … they are just a lot of animals haters

    right now renting a place where im moving too runs an average of 400~600 dollars a month not including utilities… the place I’m looking at buying will cost me 200 a month and its mine.

  4. Two dogs? What type of dogs are they? Well, most animals aren’t well-behaved, in part because it takes a lot of dedication and patience to train them. Those are two traits that aren’t that common in us humans lol.

    Wow, $200 a month doesn’t sound too bad. Well, good luck with that.

  5. my two dogs are miniature long haired dachshunds.

    having pets is like having children.. it takes responsibility, and i would like to say its because of the animals… but since the majority of the ppl who own rentals around the area are slum lords; having misbehaving pets is the least of one worries.

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