My new toy…

after i received my tax refund this year i decided to spoil my self and bought me a pen tablet for my computer.

here it is

and next to my laptop for a size reference the tablet is 10inx6in and i thought it was going to be small its good thing i didn’t get the bigger one i was looking at.

im hoping after i get use to using this thing my art will get better but its weird using this. also im trying to make my art less complex by not trying to get so much into detail. my problem it takes me so long to do art because i get so into the detail it take me forever to get it done most of the time i just stop in the middle of it and never finish and thanks to a storm couple years back that took out mom and dad storage shed most of my original drawings ive done have been destroyed so i decided its time to start over trying to learn to dumb down my art id alot harder to do and not being able to use the tablet to its full potential is a challenge too.

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