today’s fetured article….

to my surprise it was Aikido!

one thing i miss about being out of school is aikido i studied it for almost 5 years. to this day i still do the breathing exercises every morning i learned as well as some of the stretching. they help me wake =P give me energy it is also very relaxing.

aikido mean alot to me too bad i cant study it here where im at, there are no dojos. also its sad that im told that my knee is starting to show signs of severe arthritis, it hurts like hell almost every day it sucks, it hurts the mostly going up stairs . he also said that in the future it could turn to Rheumatoid arthritis which runs in my family.

thats why i try to do my aikido stretches and breathing exercises to prevent that from happening if i can i know its a long shot but who knows maybe it will help.