biebs: the Xmas scrooge.

the closer it gets to Xmas the more like scrooge I feel. I’m starting to feel alot like one of my favorite comic characters Brent sienna


as the time goes my “Xmas spirit” seems like it gets smaller and smaller. I get sick of all the fake smiles and Xmas cheer it sickens me. Because I know as soon as the holidays are over the smiles and cheer dissipates into nothing and it all goes back to everyone just caring about no one but them selves.

What is it about the holiday season that has ppl thinking that one good deed a year will save them from Eternal Damnation?

i find it disappointing that ppl will pour out the cash for charities this time of year but during the rest of the year they act like you just asked them to hand you a kidney or something. now I’m no saint thats for sure, but i do donate at least a dollar a week to our literacy fund at work and I have been since I started there 6 months ago and i plan on continuing to donate. its just something i believe in is the ability to read! i donated to it while i was in college at the library and even thought I’ve donated small change it helps.

I’m not trying to say that ppl shouldn’t donate during the holiday season, but maybe they should try and donate to noteworthy charities through out the year even if its just a few pennies here and there.

3 thoughts on “biebs: the Xmas scrooge.

  1. Yeah, usually people that are genuinely caring for others are doing it the whole year anyway. Coincidentally they’re the ones that are never trying to point out how selfless they are.

    Its not so much the fakeness that bothers me this time of year, as it is the marathon pursuit of material stuff. That’s the big reason I can’t do the whole “Black Friday” thing. First time somebody shoots me a dirty look because I took the last digital camera on the shelf or whatever, it’d just disgust me and I’d just assume let her have the thing if it meant so much to her.

    Maybe its just because I don’t have too many nice things, but I just don’t value “things” as much as I used to. Tis’ the season for giving…so you can receive.

  2. I also think that Christmas is such a “humbug” as years go by. I switched away from my favorite radio station so I wouldn’t have to hear the Christmas songs every morning and every afternoon when I’m driving. A friend of me says that Americans live in a 2-D world. The fact that you can see how pretentious Christmas is, that means that you’re very intelligent and very aware of things (not that there was ever a question in my mind about your intelligence).

    Did you hear about that guy who is trying to urge Americans not to spend money right now? Spending doesn’t mean that the economy will be healthy, a lot of people are charging money that they don’t have.

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