so … i’m a ricer now…

ricer: Rice burner is used chiefly as a noun. Variations of this usage include ricer (both vehicle and driver), rice car, rice cooker, rice boy (used for the driver, a reference to the usual age demographic in question), rice mobile, rice rocket (for motorcycles), etc.

As an adjective, rice alone is primarily used and can apply to both vehicle and driver. Alternates include riced, riced out, riced up, and ricey. Ricing is the present progressive of modifying a car in the described manner.

now I own the corolla and not two days have pasted and I’ve been called a ricer. despite I’ve done nothing to the car yet.

Yes I do have a body kit for it. however its not on the car it hasn’t been fitted or painted yet I have to do that first, and according to wiki I will be a ricer the minute that body kit is installed.

Do I care that ppl will call my car a Ricer ….NO! I can care less just because my car has a body kit on doesn’t make it any faster. it wont preform better than it would stock and ppl who believe that it will are retarded. I’m simply doing it to make it look good I’m perfectly happy with that. also my ricer gets 36 Miles to the gallon. whats yours get ? 24 maybe 32 mpg ….8? right now the only vehicle capable of out doing the corolla on gas mileage are the hybrid cars such as the Yaris (which by the way isn’t consider a car in my opinion) so while you out there keep touting about how stupid my ricer is just keep this in mind.

I’m not out to prove my car is fast … I know it not fast thats not why I bought it.

just because it has/will have a body kit … the performance of my car has not change from the stock performance. you need performance mods for the engine for that!

also I just want it to look different stand out I don’t need to be able to street race with it to do that.

plus I don’t have a wing on it. it’s a front wheel drive car it shouldn’t have a wing on it in the first place. also no fart can on it either, I have no need to pretend its a race car …. because it isn’t.

lastly I think we should just change the term ricer more so that it will stem from the driver’s attitude than the actual car, but in today’s society that will never happen to many stupid ppl.

One thought on “so … i’m a ricer now…

  1. First and foremost, as long as you’re happy with your ride that’s all that matters. If you can get in your car, get behind the wheel, and just feel good driving it, that’s the main thing. As you well know I’m not much of a foreign car guy, or a new car guy for that matter. But I’m still happy that you have a car you can enjoy on many levels.


    Thanks to the “street racing” craze and some of the less than stellar movies that created a following of people who we’ll say, aren’t so mechanically inclined. The street racers have gained the sterotype of “bolt on” tuners. Which ironically involves no tuning whatsoever, and thus are the victim of jabs and the “ricer” label.

    For the record, some Chevy and Ford guys are just as bad.

    Every car or engine has its strengths and weaknesses. They’re all designed to do different things, and serve different purposes. In the end it all comes down to what you like, what you can afford, and just taking care of it. If people don’t like it, it just means people are noticing! ;)

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