a changing of scenery …

Well its getting closer to my graduation and I’m getting a lil nervous now that i have been looking for a job …although I’m not that worried really ..i have faith the God will open that door albeit I’m still job searching, but i have a house I’ve found now. It’s a small two bedroom house with a fenced in back yard thats $275 a month for rent, but i really need a job first. Hopefully by the time i get the down payment made ill have a job! who knows!

4 thoughts on “a changing of scenery …

  1. I’ll say a prayer for ya. Something will open up. Like you say, don’t worry about it.

    But I don’t have to say how jealous I am. I would KILL to find a house for rent in this town even for $700! Friggin’ college/fort/stuck up town.

  2. I hope you find a job. That’s great that you found a house.

    Those dragons look phenomenal. I especially like the blue one.

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