pc vs mac…. im sick of it

i’m just sick and tired of every mac user i come across (i work with two) acts like that anyone who uses a pc is part of a lower class or beneath them.

*pic from http://www.pcweenies.org check them out

im not going to say windows is better than apple or linux is better than them both. what i will say is im sick and tired of hear osx this windows this linux this blah blah blah. I run all three operating systems each plays in an important role for my day to day activities.

My main PC windows xp pro, i use this for my day to day activities, gaming, homework, also many of my work functions are done on this machine its just superior in these aspects.

my g4 with osx i use it for my graphic design when im designing stuff, thats all i use it for it has no other prupose other than graphic design.

my server machine is in the process in being converted to a linux box running unbuntu. linux in my opinon make the best server machine albeit web server or file server linux is the best next to unix but linux is free

OSX is not all that special and vista is not a clone of osx i dont care what any one says osx just sits on top of a unix shell and is based off of a unix kernal. vista is not unix based. with osx apple decided to start using a unix based kernal every os before that 9 and down was the slowest os available they sucked thats why apple changed kernals. vista is based off the nt kernal which MS had used to compete with the unix systems called windows NT it uses a hybrid kernal that MS developed.

it just goes to user preferance what the user wants to use. i use them all. and when i say “use” i mean i know them all inside and out i can make them run the way i want them to run. not one operating system is better than the others in respect to what they are used. and if you were to watch the tech news you would see that as apple is becoming more popular again security flaws are being found. there are virus starting to surface for osx including adware. the last update apple issued fixed 22 flaws but does any one hear about it in the main stream media ….no. apple denies it, fixes it, and then says they found a flaw and fixed it. that is what pisses me off the most about apple, at least Microsoft admits in the security flaws. and they do fix them every month microsoft sends out updates to fix the flaws and they report what they are fixing they dont try to cover it up.

once again not one operating system is better than the other. its just how you use what you are going to be using it for is how you determine what is best for the user. but what do i know im just a stupid college graduate.

6 thoughts on “pc vs mac…. im sick of it

  1. Yeah I’m getting pretty tired of the Mac stuff too. About a month ago (wish I could remember where) someone had a link to a page titled “One thing mac users can’t do: shut up.” If I though that macs were worth the price I wouldn’t have bought a PC, and if a mac user really wanted a PC he’d have gotten a PC instead of a Mac. It’d be great if everyone could just deal with the fact that not everyone prefers the same OS they use themselves, but it’s not like that’s going to happen.

  2. Everybody has different preferences. I use XP media center edition for my main pc. I’ve always used windows. A Mac or a PC, they both have their pros and cons.

  3. yeah for the most part i do agree with ya Matt… =P although its not the machine i think sux …9 out of 10 times its the person who is using it that sux

  4. yeah well im not apologizing for your inability to read my blog.

    My approach to English spelling and grammar is quite well non-existent and I don’t plan on changing that anytime soon.

    im not a professional and i dont pretend to be one. so you have 2 choices

    A). dont read my blog
    B). deal with it and quit complaining

    its my blog ill write how i want to write. i cant spend hours editing stuff and if i my a mistake .. meh oh well

    thanks for stopping by …

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