what!? free music downloads ….

tahts right if you have an email address thats is a [.edu] from school you may be eligible for free music downloads for this site check it out


sound to good to be true doesnt it? … well it is. oh you can download free music, but you have to use the “ruckus” player to listen to them and the DRM that is on it will not allow you to burn the music to cds. you can put this “music” on a portable device, but it has to be certified to work with ruckus and it allows you to play it until the license expires then you have re-download that license and re-sync it to your portable device.

its a nice concept, but for me its too much work for “free music” its easier to just buy the cd rip it to your pc and then you dont have to worry about DRM. or, even better, its even easier to just pirate the music. DRM is only hurting the consumer and the artist no one want DRM riddle products that may or may not work. it limits the ability for the consumer to use and enjoy the product they paid for. i mean look at it this way: you buy a steak knife you can only use it three times after that it become so dull you have to throw it away and buy a new one. doesnt sound like a very good deal does it?

matt had a great post about DRM you should check it out here