website-look overhaul

well i decide to change not sure if i like this or not but well will see.

first thing you notice is the header changed =P well this header is just a preview of some thing im working on also the saying “Where are you at? beautiful….. …just always hiding in my dreams” refers to the picture im drawing over the last few weeks ive been having some weird dreams some are reoccurring dreams other are weird or funny but most of them are of this girl or at least the drawing i did is what i think she looks like but she seems to be a major part of my dreams lately i call her my muse but i don’t know why i keep dreaming of this character. maybe ive been watching too much anime or tv or maybe playing too many video games, ive been stressed a bit lately.

let me know what you think of the new look also if you would like to see the whole drawing let me know i can email it to you.

3 thoughts on “website-look overhaul

  1. I’m liking the header. I have some friends who love anime, but I’ve just never really gotten into it. It’s a great drawing. Maybe you’ll meet a girl who looks like her someday.

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