it was a day of weirdness

after work i go to wal-mart, i hate wal-mart, but you have to sometime. i did my shopping not think twice about anything i really wasnt thinking at all just in the drone mode. after i decided i had enough groceries i decided to get the heck out of there.

so i go hunt a check out line… what luck a check out with no one waiting in line. i dart over to it and as im unloading the cart. as im unloading the the cashier gal asked me a question she asked “your single arent you?” i look up with a puzzled look and reply “yeah so what of it?” she then says “i bet i know why.” by now i’m curious as to where she was going with this i said “okay, humor me.” i go for more groceries she says “its because you are ugly as hell.”

i stop what i’m doing now look up at her she starts to crack a smile and its not one of those happy smiles …it was more like one of those evil of all evil smiles before i said anything i finish unloading my cart. she continues to scan my items she then says …”see i knew it all you ugly guys have to always come through my line what is it with you guys?”

i answer “you know actually i wanted to go to her line, pointing to the gal behind her, she is much cuter than you, but she has five people waiting in line, and if you are so damn hot explain why you line was empty…seems to me that maybe you aren’t that good looking or there would be at least a lot more males in your line or maybe if you wern’t being such a bitch people would come through your line.” i pay for my stuff grab my sacks and leave her speechless apparently she didn’t have anything ot say after i said that.

2 thoughts on “it was a day of weirdness

  1. I say you just need to go through her line day after day. Maybe someday buy some cosmetic products and after she rings them up for you, and you pay for them, say “Nah those are for you.”

    Ha ha!

  2. Awesome, way to take her pride down a few notches!!! She sounds like a real sour grape. I wonder what tree she fell out of. Ugh, she sounds like one of those snobby, mean girls.

    Matt’s idea is great but then change your mind and say, “What am I thinking? You can’t make an ugly girl pretty, if she’s ugly on the inside she can only be ugly on the outside.”

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