MoaT (Magnets on a Trashcan)


well since i had a huge post written here im not going to try and re type the entire thing because i dont remember what all i wrote but the basics of the game go like this.

object: try to stick the magnets on the trashcan by tossing them from about 5 ft or more away. (it gets harder the further back you are)

scoring: like this the top part of the trashcan is 2 points its hard to stick the magnets on the rounded top. the mid section is one point it really easy to stick them there. 5 points are rewarded if you can stick it to the chrome band at the bottom on the trashcan.

bonus points: can be added by adding more object such as a fire extinguisher or pan and it up to you to decided the amount of points awarded.

there ya go thats Moat!!

EDIT: to save bandwidth picture turned into link

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