need some prayers

just found out my Grandma is in the hospital in the ICU. i hope its not her time to go, but if God says it is we cant keep her here. I’d like ask for prayers for me and my family. I wish I could just get up and go see her, but right now I can’t thanks to the craziness at work and classes. ='(

UPDATE: well i called home and found out that my grandmother has been flown to wichita or i guess actually andover to a heart specialist they are going to operate they have to replace one of her heart valves. so far thats all i know. about all i can do now is just keep praying.

LAST UPDATE: thanx uncle joe for posting my grandmother had surgery today around noon and everything went good and she is doing fine

2 thoughts on “need some prayers

  1. Hey Josh,
    Mom had surgery and everything went well. She is doing good. No worries. Talk to you later, Joe.

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