a short weekend

well i survived yet another FHSU Oktoberfest. My birthday bash was awesome and for once i was the KartMaster thats right i ended up with more 1st places than the OKM (original KartMaster) hehe. also we played some ping pong. the the movie we watched Star Wars Episode III. Thanks everyone who showed up it was a blast.

the only drawback to friday night was the fact that it was Oktoberfest. Every year this college and town think they have to put this event on its just and excuse for thousands of ppl to get drunk and stay drunk all weekend. ok picture this a park roughly the size for a small football field fill to atleast 10,000 ppl standing shoulder to shoulder and getting drunk …sound like fun huh? not really especially when you are deathly allergic to beer. i try to avoid that part of town as much as i can.

saturday i had to go into work at noon. matt came with me it went rather slow all afternoon then comes time for k-sate game to get broadcasting and our part-timer in charge of that is no where to be found. so i call up my boss and ask where i can find all the cellphone numbers i call our part-timer up and i get their voice mail finally after about 10 mins after the k-state broadcast starts i get a call say they were going to be late. ok the problem is with this is our workers dont like to show up at all so im always getting stuck with extra shifts becasue no one shows up for their shifts. then at 6 pm the one who is suppose to take over for me doesnt show up until 6:45 give or take i mean how hard is it to show up to work?

then sunday was a quiet day just kinda relaxed did have to do anything at work but monitor the stations and update the weather.

welp there ya go my eventful weekend.

3 thoughts on “a short weekend

  1. Wow, that sounds a lot like MY weekend! Hehe.

    Had a blast. I need to get out there more often. Really it’s not a bad drive out there and back on just over a half tank of gas. Not bad for a big non-aerodynamic car.

    I think I’m going to go practice Double Dash now. =)

  2. well im glad you had a blast. well you also didnt drive on the interstate which the peed limit is 70 miles and hours driving on old 40 ment you had to drive slower and you conserved more gas that way =P

  3. I’m also allergic to alcohol. I had hives for a week after eating a bunch of chocolates with wine in them, when I was little. Oh, so that’s what oktober fest is… I wouldn’t go, I may be slightly claustrophobic and I wouldn’t want to be around a whole crowd of drunks.

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