another poem

i found this one in my poem archive i was going through my computer and cleaning some old files came across this one

I sit here quietly and watch the sun set
Thinking of someone that I’ve never met
I wonder does she think of me too
Needless to say I am thinking of you

Wanting to hold you, to see your face
To take you away to a better place
You feel so right, too good to be true
I just can’t stop thinking of you

My friends say that I might regret
Losing my heart to a girl I’ve not met
I say there is nothing I can do
I cannot help thinking of you

I believe you were made special for me
But wonder if that could possibly be
I’m tired of being so alone and blue
But I always smile when thinking of you

not alot happening

theres not alot going on and its getting closer to my b-day bash. im looking forward to that!

new day

At dawn, through my opened window,
I gazed upon a breathless,
And heart-stopping sight.

On the horizon in front of me,
Appeared an aurora of mystical lights,
Reflecting deep into the cavities and,
Ridges of the surrounding mountains.

Before me shown the early light,
Penetrating the morning mist,
As it caused perpetual golden rays
To illuminate through the highest
Mountain peaks,
Awakening the earth below.

As I peered closely,
Brilliant colors of light
Stretched upward,
Like fingers on a hand
Into the yet, dawning sky.

Oh, as I gazed at this precious sight,
Time itself seemed to be waiting,
And wanting to grasp hold of
The first beams, that would burst forth
From the East and to witness,
The suns smile beckoning
The Brand New Day.


ok i know i shouldnt be buying another harddrive but this one is just too much to pass up

(image is linked to the newegg page)

western digital
7200 RPM
16MB cache
SATA 3.0Gb/s

i almost want two of these just so i could run a raid system =)

Nintendo confirms MP3 player for DS


Price and release date still to be announced

Nintendo has confirmed to that an MP3 player for the platform holder’s handhelds, sold under the name of Play Yan in Japan, is coming to Europe.

“It’s just like the Play Yan, where you insert an SD card into a GBA cart-sized adaptor,” a Nintendo spokesperson explained.

“That is then inserted into either your DS, DS Lite, GBA SP or GB Micro – turn it on and away you go.”

Nintendo has yet to confirm whether the MP3 player will come complete with an SD card. A 1GB SD card, which can hold approximately 240 songs, currently retails for around 30 Euro.

The spokesperson dismissed suggestions that the player will only work with SD cards of up to 2GB storage capacity, stating: “You can put any other sized SD card into it, not just 2GB.”

According to the spokesperson, “Both price and release date for Europe are still to be confirmed.” However, gadget website Gizmodo is citing an October release date and a 29.99 Euro price point.

Ellie Gibson 11:56 05/09/2006
original article here