ok i know i shouldnt be buying another harddrive but this one is just too much to pass up

(image is linked to the newegg page)

western digital
7200 RPM
16MB cache
SATA 3.0Gb/s

i almost want two of these just so i could run a raid system =)

Nintendo confirms MP3 player for DS


Price and release date still to be announced

Nintendo has confirmed to that an MP3 player for the platform holder’s handhelds, sold under the name of Play Yan in Japan, is coming to Europe.

“It’s just like the Play Yan, where you insert an SD card into a GBA cart-sized adaptor,” a Nintendo spokesperson explained.

“That is then inserted into either your DS, DS Lite, GBA SP or GB Micro – turn it on and away you go.”

Nintendo has yet to confirm whether the MP3 player will come complete with an SD card. A 1GB SD card, which can hold approximately 240 songs, currently retails for around 30 Euro.

The spokesperson dismissed suggestions that the player will only work with SD cards of up to 2GB storage capacity, stating: “You can put any other sized SD card into it, not just 2GB.”

According to the spokesperson, “Both price and release date for Europe are still to be confirmed.” However, gadget website Gizmodo is citing an October release date and a 29.99 Euro price point.

Ellie Gibson 11:56 05/09/2006
original article here

unnamed sangwhich

the title is misspelled on purpose…….OK I’m sitting at home I’m hungry so i decided to get creative with what i had in the fridge. i go digging through find some bacon, a boneless chicken breast, provolone cheese (the real stuff not that pansy cheap cheese we are talking the 5 bucks a pound cheese), some spicy honey mustard. OK i fry up the bacon while i slap the chicken breast on the ole George Foreman grill, then i get two slices of bread throw it in the toaster. after the chicken breast is done i throw it on one of my pieces of toast top it with a slice of cheese and a few slices of bacon top it off with some honey mustard and slapped the other piece toast on top.

now i saved the recipe but i need a name for this Delicious sandwich….

inspiration of feelings

well its been so long since ive written a poem. Mainly because i have lost sight of my muse or my inspiration to write i spent a good chunk of the summer working on a drawing that i just recently finished i thought id be glad to acheive that. well even though it was completed i didnt feel like i had done anything special… thanks to lightcontrast over at for reminding me that inspiration can come from anything and that i can’t force it out. which is probably why i havnt been able to be creative for so long. I’ve been trying to force it out instead of letting it work through me.

this poem is about feeling.

I see the stars each night –
I know I will be great;
I feel people’s Pain and Passion.

When I’m around people –
My mind is blurred as the surface of the ocean;
I talk, but I’m gone With the winds with no direction.
But ….?

There isn’t love or trust
I can willingly give back –
But I seem very unhappy.
Why …?

Life could be crude –
Life could be adventurous;
Life could mean “living”,
But why can’t I …?

I am shelter when others feel pain –
I am comforting when approached;
I am loved by some,
Hated by others.
Why …?

Why can’t I feel other people’s joy?
Some might call me selfish –
Some might call me stupid;
But if only they could feel my pain,
But if only they understood.
I never wished to be sad –
No one would.

But that is what I’m going through –
I know things will get better;
I will watch the sunrise
With someone I might fall in love.
But till then,
I remain as I am…

more updates !

ok ive added a few moderation rules to my site so as long as your post do not contain anything in that list of spam words it shouldn’t be held for moderation. however if you want to register as a subsciber you now can register as a subcribers and your comments shouldnt have to be moderated. and i say “shouldnt” because thats what the documentation told me but ive no way of testing it until someone comments.
EDIT: click login tab there should be a registration link there if you would like to register as a subscriber