desktop customizing

many know i love cutomizing my desktop on my computer. (what can i say im a computer nerd) well i stumbled across a program that allows one to change their logon screen. now changing the logon screen is not a new thing this tool has simplified the task so that any one can do it now. it makes it that easy.

the program is called stardock logonstudio and its a free program

here is what you can do with it this is my logon screen on my laptop now

next is another program that i purchased awhile back call windowblinds this program allows you to skin you windows theme giving you a different look. normally im all about free software but this program was well worth the $20 i spent on it =)

here is what my desktop looks like on my laptop. as you can tell my task bar is different you can design just about anything or download thousand of skins taht are available.

ppl always ask how i get my computers to look like i do well here ya go this is what i use.

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