a peek into whats taking up my time


int main (void)
char desiredgrade;

double min_average;
double currentaverage;
double weight;
double score;

printf("Please enter your desired grade: \n");
scanf("%c", &desiredgrade);

printf("Please enter your minimum average required: \n");
scanf("%lf", &min_average);

printf("Please enter your current average in course: \n");
scanf("%lf", &currentaverage);

printf("Please enter how much the final counts as a percentage of the course grade: \n");
scanf("%lf", &weight);

printf("You need a score of %.2f on the final to get %c\n",score, desiredgrade);

return 0;

well if that doesnt make any sense thats ok this is the stuff im doing for class this simple grade calculator only took my 5 hours to complete =P and this is for class im taking i really dont need, but im having fun!

5 thoughts on “a peek into whats taking up my time

  1. Interesting stuff. I wish I could take a class I didn’t need, but I think I’ll have to take all classes I need. I’m taking a computer applications class. We’ve started working with Unix and Pico, don’t really like using them. I’m glad we all use the binary system.

  2. well when all you need to graduate is 16 hours and you cant take them all in one semester due to time conflicts in order to stay full time i had to find “filler” classes. my class im taking here is a computer science class and i wrote this using unix and pico. so i bet my class is similar to the one you are taking.

  3. Ha ha. Oh man. I remember the days of programming little programs on the TI-86 that Andrea Wehkamp used to have. I programmed a coin toss program where you started with $100 and could wager money guessing whether it was heads or tails. It was actually a pretty fun game.

  4. This afternoon I spent one hour searching for a file as part of a homework assignment, in the Unix system. It really sucked. I felt like I was going in circles, through directories and when I opened many files, it wasn’t the one I was looking for. Was so happy to find it and print it out. Two more parts to do using pico.

    You’re lucky, only 16 hours. You have a lot of room to pick your classes. I’m dual majoring and this class is my first science class to satisfy a liberal arts requirement,(need to take 2 more science courses) not part of my major’s requirements.

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