extra hours …no breaks..

OK Friday started out great because i didn’t have to go work. since classes started I’ve been knocked back to 20 hours a week at the computing center on campus which is fine with me, but i have picked up extra hours up at the radio station. apparently if i want time off i need like 2 months in advance notice which is fine. however a co-worker of mine needs ..ooooh 3 mins of advanced notice and guess who is the only one that can cover for him …. ME! … its always me so i’m going to put in two 10 hour shift TWO! and i had no choice in whether i wanted to work it or not …i had to work it. so my weekend was shot all to hell. guess ill have time to do my homework now that’s one plus of the long shifts. just nine more months and I’m done and outta here so long as i decided where i’m going.