converting somewhat to the dark side …

as many of my friends know i’ve never been a big fan of Apples computers. and recently with the new intel based macs …apple fanboys have been rubbing it in our face ..or at least trying to rub it in our faces. The only thing taht they have acomplished is the fact they have the ability to turn their apple into a pc now they too are now open to viruses spyware and oh no they are going to have to run antivirus.

well over the last month or so, at work, ive been working with mac coamputes more or less g5 and ive grown to like the unix part of OS X. so i adopted a g3 (blue and white) and i have thrown a bigger hd and more ram into and i have installed os X tiger on it and ive been playing around with it. here are a couple of screens i took