server maintainence …

i did some maintenance on the server tonight. I have been having some issues where you be walking along/running from creepers … and you would see some graphical glitches i wish i had a screenshot but essentailly i found out these appear becasue of what is called bad chunks, parts of the map that have for some reason become corrupt. what i think is causing it is the teleporting. so I’ve disabled that for now. then i found out that by using an application called mcedit its an application used to edit the maps i learn that be changing the spawn point it forces the server to reevaluate the bad chunks and rebuild then. so i’m giving it a try and see how long it lasts. also .. behold!  the mighty power of thor!

thats right i can wield the power of thor! ... i love my admin powers

Yes i am a nerd… and proud of it

One thing you may have noticed is that ive been writing a lot about minecraft …. well i just love that freaking game and cant get enough so its going to stay. i’ve been trying to come up with some content of my blog so i think im going to start a minecraft journal day one was just me exploring but today i have build a home and defenses to protect my home from the mobs.

this is what i built today a house.

When you first enter into my home you enter the work shop where i do all my crafting when i need tools/materials.

My Work shop

the the living area up the stairs from there

Living room

then there is my porch that over looks some of the other players on my server.

the view

then last but not least my green house where i grow my foods! lol

Green house, growin ma foods.